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Sunday, September 14, 2008

They WON!!!

I am thrilled that Queen of Angels football team won AND the Colts! Both games were very close and exciting to the end!

Collin's team has a lot of heart, but the schools that they play against are very large schools. Our team has about 35 kids and then teams that we play against have 75+ players! Needless to say they were thrilled with their first victory! Everyone on the team did a fantastic job! I am hoping that the weather cooperates next Thursday or Saturday and I can take some pictures to post! On Saturday the field was so bad that even the fans came away from the game muddy! The boys loved it though!

And on to the Colts...well, I don't believe that they played their best, but a win is a win! I have a feeling that this is going to be a long year!!!

In the scrapping front, I have just posted the Week 3 Challenge over at Paper Popsicles. Melissa also has lots of new goodies over there. Check them out here!

Here are a couple of layouts for challenges over at Paper Popsicles...go check out the challenges! The first layout is of Collin WAY back when...I was digging through some old photos and came across these. Brings back memories of our old house and the swing set in the back yard. Collin loved that swing set! The second layout is of Collin's Spring school picture last year.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

School, Schedules, Anniversaries, Football, and Mini Vacation...

It has been a busy last couple of weeks for our family. Collin has been in school for about 3 weeks and he loves it. It is all about being in middle school, having a locker, changing classes, and having 1-2 hours of homework you know! Okay so he is not so fired up about the homework! Patrick and I decided for the first time this year to ban TV and video games Mondays-Thursdays so Collin would be able to focus on his school work. With 2 hours of football practice a night and the homework, he doesn't really have time for them anyways! He has adjusted well to the new demands of middle school!

I decided when school started that our family had been eating out way too much lately, so I did something I have never done...made a schedule for dinners. I don't really know why I have never done this, and I am wishing I had done it a long time ago! I can't believe how it has helped with my grocery shopping, nightly dinners, and not wasting fresh foods! I let each of the boys pick a night so they are in the mix as well. Can you believe that Patrick picked tuna casserole for his first dish...yuck-o! We used to eat this ALOT when we first got married and I have not made it for years! Both of the boys loved it so I will probably be making it again.....maybe??!??
Patrick and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary this past weekend also. I feel very honored that I have such a great husband! We have seen many different ups and downs in a short time, but that makes me confident that we will be together for the long haul! He is a great father and a wonderful husband...AND he does laundry! Now you can't beat that!

Collin's football is in full gear with their first two games this past week. He is doing so well and actually being very aggressive. It is funny when you think about it because all throughout their young childhood we are telling them to "be nice", "don't hit", "be friends with everyone"; and now from the sidelines of the field you hear moms and dads yelling "hit 'em", "knock them down", "come on, crunch someone!!!". Just something I noticed! Oh yeah, you can bet that Patrick and I are right in the midst of them all yelling out our comments as well! Too funny!

We were excited to go on a mini vacation over Labor Day weekend to Ohio. We went to this awesome zoo that you drive through and then you can feed the was AMAZING!!! The name of the zoo is African Safari Wildlife Park, check them out! I will admit that I was very nervous when a thousand pound bison was putting his head in our car because he "wanted more food!", but it was an adventure that I don't think I will forget soon! We also went to the Seneca Caverns as Collin loves rock and caves. Let me tell you this is what they call a "natural cave" and it was definitely all natural. The last cave we went in had man-made steps, hand rails, nice paths to follow....not this one! Had I known this little "natural" fact I probably would not have worn flip flops!!! There were several times that you had to twist your body while going down very steep natural steps that were not very wide! We also spent most of our time in the cave bent over at the waist because you could not stand up at all! I was a nervous wreck, Collin LOVED it! Go figure! It was a short trip, but we had a blast!
Here are some pictures from our vacation. YES, those huge animals are THAT close!!! But it was awesome!
I hope everyone has a great week! Go Colts!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Twas the night before school....

And all through the house....WAS QUIET!!! So we normally start to go to bed a little earlier about a week before school starts, but I guess that I am not fully accepting that school is starting so we didn't do that this year! I can't believe that I will be the mother of a Middle School Student!!! Collin is so excited about school starting! Why, you ask.....because they get lockers this year of corse!!! Love my son and his sense of organization as he was all into getting things to organize his locker. Poor guy though, the locker is very small...but we did manage to get a few things! I would love to take a picture tomorrow, but I am afraid to even ask!

So football is also in full swing for both of the boys! Collin is the center for his 5th-6th grade team. This is a new position for him and he is doing a great job! I can't wait for the first game! Patrick has also started his flag football season. I enjoy going to watch him play....keeps him young I think!

So I haven't been doing a whole lot of scrapping lately. Sam and I have put together some great challenges (I even did my first sketch!!!) so you should go check out Paper Popsicles!!! Paper Popsicles also has lots of new products from CHA so go...go now!!!

Hope you and your student(s) have a great week!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Update...

Well, it seems like summer is just flying by! The Levy's have been busy so here is a quick update:

  • Collin just finished up playing on the 11 year old All-Star team. While his team lacked good coaches (at times they lacked a coach all together), he did really well and we are so proud of him! In his last game he had a spectacular hit which resulted in a home run! He was so pumped! Now he has a couple of weeks off until football pre-season training will start.
  • Work is still wonderful! I am switching jobs as of last week so that now I am only doing Quality Assurance for the entire state. I really enjoy my work and the sense of helping that it provides me.
  • Patrick is staying busy with work...summer is there busy season with everyone wanting to fix up their houses with new fences and garages. They have hired a couple of workers to help them so that has helped with his schedule. It is funny to hear him "talk like a boss", but I think he does a fantastic job! Hey, if you need any fence/garage door work us!
  • We spent the 4th of July up on top of the parking garage at IPFW. We had a spectacular view of the fireworks and even were able to feel them! For the cost of $5 it was well worth it! Collin brought a friend and they had a blast......only one problem...silly mom forgot her camera!
  • We spent last night at the 3 Rivers Festival Junk Food Alley. It is here that you can spend lots of $$$$ and consume lots of calories! But you just have to have at least one elephant ear a season...right?

So last but not least here are two layouts that I have recently created. The first one is for my challenge at Paper Popsicle for next week. Check them out!

The second layout is for a challenge that was at Paper Popsicle called "Layout Tag". It was lots of fun and they are starting up a second challenge...go now....check it out!

And the last bit of exciting news is that there is only 4 days left until I get to leave for CHA!!!! Samantha and I are meeting some of our other favorite gals from Paper Popsicles and I just can't wait!!!! I will make sure that I bring the camera to get some great pics and post them here!!!

I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Well, it has been a quiet day around here as everyone has been a bit on the lazy side! Collin and I served Patrick breakfast on the couch this morning which he loved!!! Collin made his dad a great card incorporating the Steelers, ESPN, and his love for his really is quite neat and hand-made so that is even better! I just put dinner in the oven, my "Cathy-Enchiladas" (named after the friend who gave me the recipe) and the boys just left to play a little baseball at the park before dinner. So all is quiet here for the moment!

Baseball season is almost half over and Collin is loving every minute of it! I keep wanting to take pictures, but the last time I brought my camera to the ball diamond he did not have a good game at I have left it at home and he is doing incredibly!!! He is definitely on a hitting streak with a couple of doubles, two triples, and one GRAND SLAM!!!! I get so nervous when he gets up to bat...yes, I am one of "those" moms!!! He has also decided NOT to get a hair cut until after ball season is over....and we just found out that he made the All-Stars team so that may be a while. I tried to convince him that we could trim around the ears, but then dad stepped in and said that even a trim would count as a cut! I should post a picture of him soon. Now his hair is not long by any one's standards but his as he normally has a buzz cut. I told him that I have several girlfriends that have daughters we could borrow barrettes from if needed...he didn't find the humor in that!!!

If you are up for a challenge, check out the Sketch Challenge over at Paper Popsicles!!! This is one of the forums that Samantha and I are leading over there and we are having lots of fun with it!!! Since it is the beginning of summer and time is scarce now, we decided to do a card sketch...everyone has time to make a card! We both love Card Positioning Systems Blog and this is where this card sketch came from. Check the out here .

Here is my take on the sketch...what fun!!!

So pop over to Paper Popsicles....and by the way, Melissa is having a great sale over there also! You can't beat her prices!!!
I hope eveyone has a great week!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It only takes one day...

It only takes one day at my job for one to realize how lucky they are!!! I love my job and I love the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped children come from a horrible time in their life to a loving and caring environment of a new foster family. The job definitely comes with its ups and downs and is incredibly frustrating and yet rewarding all at the same time; and all in one day!!!

At our agency we just got a 1 week old baby for placement in a pre-adoptive home...sounds incredible right?? Well, she is an incredible baby, who needs alot of prayers! She was born with only about 1/2 of her brain and she is struggling with the basics of life itself. We did find an incredible couple who are going to adopt this miracle baby knowing that her life expectancy is only about 1 year. But they along with everyone that I work with know that the power of prayer and love can work miracles and that is what we are holding on to. So if you are the praying type, please offer up some prayers for this little miracle baby girl. I would also ask that you pray for her biological mother as I can't imagine how much strength she must have had to have to give her child to someone who she felt could care for her better than she.

I don't want to be a downer, but rather I want us all to cherish the everyday and realize that it is the simple things that are so important in life! So think of a "every day simple thing" to be thankful for....let me know what you thought of!

Take care and know that I love you all!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wowsers!!! What a GREAT show!!!

Today Collin, Nana, Papa, and I were lucky enough to go see the show Walking with the Dinosaurs and let me tell you it was quite a show!!! I was amazed at what they did!!!! It was great to spend the afternoon with my parents and son and the show was simply amazing!!! After the show we went to one of my new favorite restaurants...Granite City. Fabulous food there and you must try it if you have not already!!!

There are lots of contest going on at my favorite scrappy website Paper Popsicles...check them out! Here are some recent layouts from the June the Basic Grey line!!!